I’m a doctoral student in American Studies, but like many (most? all?) grad students in the humanities, my many other hats pay the bills: I’m also an instructor, a dance teacher, and a cheesemonger.  I write about grad school, dancing, bikes, and food, among other things.

The posts about books on this site are synopses of the notes that I took while I was studying for my comprehensive exams.  They are not complete summaries, and I’m not (yet!) a seasoned professional, so please enjoy, but use with caution.


2 thoughts on “about

  1. Robert

    Hi. I like your blog. I just stumbled across it as I needed some mental refreshers on books I read years ago. What University are you at? If I were to guess, and I will. I would say UT-Austin.

  2. Caroline Griffith

    Hi–to second the message above, I also enjoy this blog and find the book reviews helpful. I am in the midst of a decision on whether to pursue my own interest in cultural landscape research at the doctoral level and would appreciate the chance to hear your thoughts on the current state of the field…


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